3 Days to Vitality: Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind, by Pamela Serure

By Pamela Serure

Looking a clean begin? consider larger speedy with this overall body-cleansing event and jump-start your existence in precisely 3 days!

"I understand what she has performed for me and that i can simply think what her e-book will do for everybody else."
-- Donna Karan

"Pamela Serure is a rare lady of imaginative and prescient and perception. i've got the best recognize for her. She is a lady of infrequent gifts."
-- Danielle Steel

"I bought juiced with Pamela and felt nice day after today, and the day after that, and the day after that...."
-- Christie Brinkley

"This much-needed publication is important to improving one's trip to optimum health."
-- Richard N. Ash, M.D.

"Pamela Serure is well clicking. On-trend for the hot millenium."
-- religion Popcorn, writer of Clicking  and The Popcorn Report 

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And I would appear to forget about it until the next time I landed in an emergency room. But in truth, I never forgot about it. ” My health problems escalated to crisis proportions in the mideighties. Although I had already been on a conscious eating plan for some time, it seemed I was becoming even more and more sensitive to my environment. At that time I was employed in the fashion industry doing licensing for a large, thriving corporation on the cutting edge of the industry. I was about to be promoted to vice president, and I was being paid good money for traveling around the world shopping and creating product.

The only problem with it was that I was keeling over. I became shorttempered, and my long-term memory turned into short-term nothing. I had stomach cramps; I had headaches; and I started to turn a notso-fashionable shade of yellow. I had no real appetite, but I had an inexplicable craving for this gummy spearmint candy, which I would carry with me everywhere I went. I began to hate to travel, which I used to love, because every time I got on an airplane my symptoms would become worse. Between the stress of my job, and the stress of not feeling well, my life was in crisis.

10. 11. 12. 13. Have you stopped trying to create or invent newness in your life? ______________________________________________________ Do you feel as if there is no such thing as “your destiny”? ______________________________________________________ Are you less and less able to be with yourself and be still? ______________________________________________________ Do you fill your life with activities and noise to make yourself feel full? ______________________________________________________ Have you given up on finding anything out there in the universe that is “bigger” than you?

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