421st Night Fighter Squadron in WWII

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I knew that I had to bailout. I pulled the emergency hatch release and started out, but the slipstream forced me right back into the cockpit. I then raised my legs on the edge of the seat and pushed into the slipstream. I came out like a cork on a champagne bottle. For an instant I saw the tail section pass over my face. I reached down, and there was the ripcord, which seemed to slide out. The chute snapped open quickly, almost blacking me out. My gun came off about this time, also. I also remember that I encountered snow in the clouds for a short period, then I broke out of the overcast and looked around to see where I was.

All of the pilots were anxious to set down with him and find out why he was so successful. Most of the 421 st NFS pilots would later recall that he was a soft-spoken man, not given to any kind of boasting about his feats in the air. He was a non-smoker and a non-drinker, who described success by telling the pilots to simply fly right up on the tail of the Japanese plane and fire with all the guns. He seemed to be very easy going on the ground, but became very aggressive in the air. Lt. Dorrie Jones flew the first missions with Major Bong on March 13 th , 14th , and 15 th .

Beginning at about 11,000 feet high, "Marge" descended smoothly until she impacted the ground about fourteen miles away from where Malone bailed out. To this day wreckage of Bong's P-38 can still be found in an overgrown coconut grove where it crashed. Preparations were being made to return the aircrews to the mission for which they had been trained, night interdiction work. The squadron managed to acquire a few Douglas P-70 aircraft to use in their nightly missions. On February 13 th the first P-70 was transferred in from the 418 th Night Fighter Squadron, stationed at Dobadura.

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