5 Steps to Combat Asthma and Allergies by Dr. Anjali Arora

By Dr. Anjali Arora

Allegens reason light sneezing and coughing on one hand and will bring about a serious response at the different. The disorder bronchial asthma , may be of alternative kinds and severity. It levels from occasional tightness of chest and wheezing to serious shortness of breath and diminished oxygen degrees within the blood.

Information on types of bronchial asthma and measures to ascertain them are dealt through this booklet. This e-book additionally mentions that bronchial asthma will be controlled and taken care of with assistance from a formal nutrition, precautions and drugs.

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Ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain how to use your new inhaler. Instead of waiting till you get ill, the rescue inhaler (also called Albuterol or quick-relief inhaler) should be used at the first sign of asthma symptoms. The warning signs may start 24 to 48 hours before an asthma attack begins, and should be treated as early asthma symptoms. To treat asthma quickly, note the signs involving the beginning of an attack:– A cough that doesn’t go away, especially at night Sore throat or throat clearing Runny or stuffy nose Dark circles under eyes Increased tiredness and mood change Waking up at night Eczema flare-up If any of the warning signs are present consult your doctor.

The room should be kept clean. Linen and curtains should be washed regularly. Pillows filled with down or feathers should not be used. Pets – If the presence of a pet is exacerbating allergy, parting with the family pet may be painful but necessary. Scratching – A child or individual affected by eczema should avoid scratching. In a baby, nails should be kept short and filed gently. Medicated bandages can be used for soothing the inflamed eczematous skin. Soap – If a soap has to be used by a person suffering from eczema, then the following should be kept in mind: a) Avoid harsh detergents or drying soaps b) Choose a soap that has an oil or fat base.

Monitor lung function. Asthmatics can use a peak flow meter. Lung function decreases 2-3 days before symptoms of an asthma attack. If the meter indicates the peak flow is down by 20 per cent from your usual best effort, be forewarned of an asthma attack. Control asthmatic symptoms by avoiding the triggers and start using your required medication. Immunotherapy (allergy shots) are often given. The process involves ‘desensitizing’ the patient. The treatment begins with injections of a solution of allergen.

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