9/11 and the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. A Chronology and by Tom Lansford Ph.D.

By Tom Lansford Ph.D.

This ebook analyzes the complicated explanations and results of the September eleven, 2001, terrorist assaults either locally and across the world, and examines the next wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

• presents insightful charges from modern figures and first records starting from Osama bin Laden's 1998 fatwa opposed to the us to the 2006 Iraq examine workforce Report

• includes 12 biographies starting from Osama bin encumbered to George W. Bush that offer precise heritage on very important figures from the era

• offers a chronology of occasions from the Nineteen Seventies to the current day, together with occurrences resulting in the September eleven, 2001, assaults and the Iraq War

• contains a decide on bibliography of significant works at the September eleven, 2001, assaults; the struggle in Iraq; place of birth defense; and the conflict on terror

• encompasses a certain thesaurus of keyword phrases reminiscent of "Shiite" and "weapons of mass destruction"

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As a precaution against a potential WMD attack, the United States began to require that military personnel be vaccinated against anthrax as the result of intelligence that Iraq and other countries had programs to use the disease as a biological weapon. 11 12 9/11 and the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq On December 17, 1999, the United Nations created, through Security Council Resolution 1284, the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC). UNMOVIC superseded UNSCOM and was tasked to oversee investigations and inspections of Iraq’s WMD program.

Mohammad oversaw the logistics of the planning, while bin Laden and his senior aides selected the terrorists who would ultimately carry out the attack. The al Qaeda leader provided about $500,000 to initially finance the plan. Mohammad wanted terrorists to attempt to take over at least four airliners. He wanted multiple hijackings in case one or more of the al Qaeda groups failed to seize their targeted aircraft. S. security officials and complicate the American response. Mohammad envisioned teams of four to five hijackers.

Nonetheless, bin Laden still had access to a personal fortune worth an estimated $300 million. In addition, al Qaeda continued to receive funding and backing from supporters throughout the Persian Gulf and Middle East, including Saudi Arabia. Estimates showed that al Qaeda received about $10–20 million per month in donations and funding, more than enough to fund an ever-expanding series of attacks against the United States and Western targets. In January 1995, al Qaeda plotter Ramzi Yousef attempted to launch a terrorism campaign.

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