A Practical English Grammar: Exercises 2 (Bk. 2) by A. J. Thomson

By A. J. Thomson

The routines can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They contain a solution key.

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He (keep) looking at his watch. ~ Oh, I'm sure he (enjoy) it. He always (enjoy) your parties. But I (know) he (want) to be home early tonight because he (expect) an important telephone call. 11 Jack: How much longer you (stay) in England? Paul: Only one more day. I (leave) tomorrow night. I (go) to Holland for two weeks. 12 Jack: And you (come) back to England after that or you (go) home? Paul: It (depend) on my father. But if he (agree) to let me go on studying here, I'll certainly come back. And I (expect) he will agree.

3 Caller: Peter usually (do) it, but the last time I (come) he (be) on holiday and Ann (do) it. So if Peter (be) not available, Ann (do) very well. 4 Receptionist: When you (want) to come, Mrs Jones? 5 Caller: I (like) to come tomorrow afternoon if possible.

I Mrs Jones: My daughter never (write) to me so I never (know) what she (do). Your son (write) to you, Mrs Smith? Mrs Smith: Yes, I (hear) from him every week. He (seem) to like writing letters. 2 These apples (cost) 40p a bag. You (think) that is expensive? ~ It (depend) on the size of the bag. 3 I (see) my solicitor tomorrow (/ have arranged this)', I (change) my will. ~ You always (change) your will. Why you (not leave) it alone? 4 You (look) very thoughtful. What you (think) about? ~ I (think) about my retirement.

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