A Proficiency Course in English (Grammar & reference) by F.V. Bywater

By F.V. Bywater

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29. Why do you make such a fuss (do) such a simple thing? 30. When he went to prison Mr Pickwick had no intention (pay) a penny of the fine imposed on him for breach of promise. 31. The Government concerned failed to reach agreement (partition) the country. 32. It is easy for a 'gilded youth' to become blast! (do) everything. 33. Mary wheedled her mother (buy) that doll. 34. The prospect (spend) some of the best years of his life in prison appalled him 35. ion (make)people think that the idea was their own.

All day. 12. Those twins are as like as two ...... 13. I am already ...... with quite enough responsibilities. 14. I'm afraid you must just take ,. luck. 15. Your money will be as safe as ...... with us! 16. She has arrived back safe and ...... from her world tour. 17. , .. of sleeping pills. 18. It is often better to let sleeping dogs -19. His mother gave him a resounding ...... on the ears for being impertinent to her. 20. ,.. rage: 73 THE PLEONASTIC 'IT'( THE EXTRA ‘IT') CHAPTER 12 5. 9. 13.

He was reduced to extreme poveriylto begging in the streets. The th~efconfessed to the crimelto having stolen the money. I am not accustomed to this worklto doing this kind of work. to to fall to (meaning: to begin) to expose oneself to to feel up to to get accustomed to to get down to (only in a moral sense) to get used to to give one's attention to to give one's life to it is due to to lay oneself open to to IOPG forward to to make allitsion to to object to to plead guilty to to react to to refer to to resort to to see one's way to (meaning: to be in a position lo) to stoop to (only in a moral sense.

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