A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home by Jason Arnopp

By Jason Arnopp

"Dear friend,

This is not any chain letter, hoax or prank.

It is a honest caution approximately your place and the entity which dwells within.

Your domestic has been haunted for fairly a few time..."

A NEW thought IN FEAR...

Imagine a supernatural horror tale within which the mystical job occurs inside your place.

The 10,000-word brief tale A honest caution in regards to the ENTITY at your residence is gifted as an nameless letter to YOU, which has been despatched for your handle. It info the terrifying occasions which occurred in your house and which proceed to this day.

You have inherited a curse and are being preyed upon through a terrifying apparition. This letter from the former resident advises you the way to manage, whereas detailing the unthinkable ordeal they suffered prior to you.

A honest caution in regards to the ENTITY at your residence is the last word method to scare your self at domestic, simply because it's the one ghost tale which occurs at your residence. Dare you learn it?

"This ebook ruined my evening and acquired me away from bed an hour early. strong stuff certainly! Jason Arnopp owes me sleep!" – Michael Thompson, reader

"Superb stuff, little hooks and words hold popping into my forebrain at 3am to make me fearful. really good learn, and a thieve at this price" – 'Skippa', Amazon united kingdom reviewer

"The creepiest factor i've got learn in an age. I learn 1/2 it and awakened gasping for breath!" – reader Stuart Lemon, Oxfordshire, UK

"Highly unique, chilling story. I made the error of examining it on my own, after darkish, and couldn't sleep afterwards... completely and terrifyingly enjoyable" – reader Marjorie Taylor, Wiltshire, UK


Jason Arnopp is the author of acclaimed Kindle horror novella BEAST within the BASEMENT, Lionsgate US supernatural horror motion picture STORMHOUSE and legit fiction for the worlds of physician WHO, SARAH JANE ADVENTURES and FRIDAY THE thirteenth. He lives in London, England.

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