Acta Historiae Neerlandicae: Studies on the History of the by H. P. H. Jansen (auth.), I. Schöffer (eds.)

By H. P. H. Jansen (auth.), I. Schöffer (eds.)

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From the end of the fourteenth century, however, expenditure by the almoner declined sharply, economies being made on all items. The pecuniary distributions survived the best. During the first decade of the fifteenth century, they varied from 220 to 452 days' wages for a bricklayer's assistant. In the fourteenth century, the highest figure, including donations to institutions, had equalled 728 days' wages. The remaining categories of distribution tended to assume a symbolic character. These economies are somewhat surprising, observing that in the period 1410-50, the income in the form of money rose much more sharply than expenditure.

We added 21 gr. to cover baking costs. It can be deduced from the Table that wage adjustments, such as the one in 1363, were not adequate to enable workers in the lower categories to get through the many expensive years of the second half of the fourteenth century free of problems. On the other hand, the relatively prosperous nature of the middle part of the fifteenth century is revealed. The sole period of high prices in the space of forty years (1455-7) passed without encroaching upon the vital minimum for the groups concerned.

Grob and J. Vannerus, Denombrement des feux des duche de Luxembourg et comte de Chiny. Commission Royale d'Histoire (Brussels, 1921) 98; J. Favier, Finance et fiscalite au bas moyen-age (Paris, 1971) 200-1. 23. Arnould, Denombrements, 141, 180-3. 24. g. 33 beggars in Morlanwelz in 1531); Bocquet, Recherches, 139. 25. Bocquet, Recherches, 139; round about 1475, a bricklayer's assistant in Ghent could earn as much as 6 s. par. : E. Scholliers, 'Lonen te Gent XVe-XIXe eeuw' in: Verlinden, Dokumenten, IIA, 423,426; regarding the Franc of Bruges, see also 94-5.

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