Advances in Satellite Communications by M. Karimi, Y. Labrador

By M. Karimi, Y. Labrador

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Fig. 19 shows the BER for various aperture radius of the receiving antenna as a function of Eb /N0 obtained by (65). It is shown that BER increases as ae becomes larger as well as Fig. 18. From results of the DOC in Fig. 9, it is found that the spatial coherence radius becomes smaller relative to a radius of the receiving antenna and then the spatial coherence Fig. 18. BER derived from the average received power in the downlink as a function of kae when the G/T of the receiver system keeps constant.

3 shows a model of wave propagation in the inhomogeneous random medium. An arbitrary order moment of u(r, z), which is defined as Mμν (z) ≡ μ ν ∏ u(sm , z) ∏ u∗ (tn , z) , (8) satisfies the following moment equation (Tateiba, 1982): μ 1 ∂ −j ∂z 2k =− ν ∑ ∇2s m k2 4 − z 0 μ − ∑ ∇2tn dz μ ∑ ∑ m =1 n > m − j(μ − ν)k Mμν (z) (μ − ν)2 B 0, z − D sm − sn , z − z ,z 2 z ,z 2 − + ν μ ν ∑ ∑D m =1 n =1 ν ∑ ∑ m =1 n > m sm − tn , z − D tm − tn , z − z ,z 2 z ,z 2 in Mμν (0) = Mμν (0), Fig. 3. Model of wave propagation in an inhomogeneous random medium.

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