After Apollo?: Richard Nixon and the American Space Program by John M. Logsdon

By John M. Logsdon

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong took 'one small step for a guy, one monstrous bounce for mankind.' The luck of the Apollo eleven project chuffed the aim that have been set through President John F. Kennedy simply over 8 years previous. It additionally raised the query 'What do you do subsequent, after touchdown at the Moon?' It fell to President Richard M. Nixon to respond to this query. After Apollo? Richard Nixon and the yank area application strains intimately how Nixon and his affiliates went approximately constructing their reaction.

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Then the astronauts spoke. ” Buzz Aldrin added, “There are footprints on the moon. Those footprints belong to each and every one of you, to all of mankind, and they are there because of the blood, the sweat, and the tears of millions of people.  Highly emotional and patriotic R i c h a r d N i xo n an d A p o llo 11 27 evening that completely succeeded in meeting all the P’s objectives. ”41 “Giant Step”: the Apollo 11 World Tour Although both NASA and the White House certainly expected that at some point after their mission the Apollo 11 crew would embark on an international tour, there were no concrete plans for such a junket in place at the time of the Apollo 11 gala dinner.

He spent much of his time in the first weeks of 1969 trying to develop a more compelling argument than what was coming out of the Newell planning effort for developing a space station, the program that NASA had chosen to be the centerpiece of its post-Apollo efforts. There was a problem in developing that argument—the various elements of NASA were not in agreement on what kind of space station the agency should be developing. The BOB had agreed that the FY1970 budget would contain modest funds for studies of a space station by the aerospace industry, and as 1969 began NASA was struggling to outline for potential contractors the characteristics of the station they should study.

Nixon. ”23 NASA had sent to the White House proposed remarks for President Nixon to use as he spoke with the astronauts on the Moon. ” Borman advised Nixon not to use NASA’s input. He told the president “look, Mr. President, you really don’t have anything to do with Apollo 11.  If it fails, you’ll get tarred with it, and if it 18 A f t e r A p o l l o? succeeds you’ll get some of the credit. ” Borman also advised against the plan of playing the national anthem as Armstrong and Aldrin stood next to the American flag during the telecast conversation involving the president.

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