Siemens Schuckert D-III by Peter L. Gray

By Peter L. Gray

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Not satisfied, however, with the dominions he had gained, he wished to increase his kingdom by the addition of the southern districts, where the Se1eucid power had never been more than nominal. With this purpose in view, he embarked, in 2Ii~, on a campaign in Pisidia and Pamphylia. werful city of Selge and forcing its inhabita nts to pay him a large sum for refraining from an attack on the city itself, and he also brought· much of southern Asia Minor under his power. Soon, however, his gains were more than offset by the loss of the northern districts he had previously conquered.

P. XXXIII (1938), p. 65£. u In the spring, abandoning his ambitious plan, he slipped out through the opposing fleets and withdrew with all speed to Macedonia, closely pursued by the ships of his enemies. But before the probability of this failure became apparent, Attalus and the Rhodians had taken a step which was to prove of great importance for the future of Asia Minor. In the autumn of 201 they sent embassies to Rome to inform the Senate of Philip's designs. u In order to arouse the fears of the Romans, these envoys represented the situation as exceedingly grave, asserting-probably with more eloquence than truth-that Philip had entered into an agreement with Antiochus III to seize the foreign dominions of Egypt, weakened by the recent death of Ptolemy IV and the accession of his son, still a young child.

6 and 32. THE BEQUEST OF ATTALUS bringing troops to aid the Romans and by co-operating with them during the three years' struggle. His activities on Rome's behalf, however, gave the Gahtians their opportunity, and in 168 they again broke out in revolt. H Invading the eastern portion of the Pergamene Kingdom, they ranged the country, slaughtering all whom they captured. Eumenes ~ent his brother Attalus to Rome to ask for the Senate's intervention but meanwhile advanced against the invaders. Although at first compelled to retreat, he finally succeeded in forcing the enemy to withdraw to their own territory.

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