The Red Sari: A Novel by Javier Moro

By Javier Moro

A transfixing novel concerning the Nehru-Gandhi relations, advised during the tale of Sonia Gandhi, an Italian from modest origins who turns into one of many world’s strongest women

In 1965 Sonia Maino, a nineteen-year-old Italian pupil, meets a tender Indian guy named Rajiv Gandhi. She is the daughter of a humble relations close to Turin; he comes from the main robust lineage in India. it's the starting of a love tale that now not even dying can finish. within the identify of affection, Maino leaves her earlier to mix in together with her expansive new state, India, which worships twenty million gods, speaks 8 hundred languages, and votes for 5 hundred political events. Her braveness, integrity, and devotion will flip her right into a respected and cherished determine.

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Above all it’s offering you the chance to take on the inheritance of your husband so that his death is not in vain …” “I don’t think this is the right time to talk about this …” “The Working Committee has deliberated for many hours before making this proposal to you. I can assure you that we have thought deeply about it. You will have a free hand and will be able to count on our full support. We ask you to continue the family tradition. ” “You are the only one who can fill the void Rajiv has left,” adds another.

All the hues and tones of green and brown paraded in front of their eyes, from the emerald green of the trees in spring to the yellow of the fields in summer, passing through the copper of autumn and the white of winter. For the children the first snow of the year was like a celebration which they enjoyed enormously; they played at making snowmen and throwing snowballs at each other in the white streets. But the mixture of physical exercise and cold set a tiredness in Sonia’s chest which soon forced her home.

Hasn’t it been enough with Indira and Rajiv? ” “Think about it, Soniaji. Think about Nehru, about Indira, about Rajiv … Your family is as closely linked to India as a vine round the trunk of a tree. You are India. Without your family, we are nothing. Without you there is no future for this great nation. This is the message we have come to bring you. We know that these are bitter hours, and we beg your forgiveness for interrupting your grief, but do not abandon us. Do not throw so much sacrifice and struggle overboard.

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